Nam Joo Hyuk Recalls Getting Ridiculed In High School For Dreaming Of Becoming A Model

Man, he showed them UP.

Model and actor, Nam Joo Hyuk recently appeared on tvN‘s Suddenly The Boss where he shared his experience of wanting to become a model.


Seniors in high school paid a visit to the restaurant during lunchtime and shared their dreams and aspirations.

That’s when Nam Joo Hyuk revealed how he felt when he was in high school.

By the time I was in high school, I knew I wasn’t cut out for studying. I originally played basketball, but when I quit and tried to study, it just didn’t work out.

— Nam Joo Hyuk

While his original dream was to become a basketball player, Nam Joo Hyuk recalled wanting to become a model as well.

And he revealed getting ridiculed by his friends for having such a dream.

When we shared our dreams as freshmans in high school, I said, ‘I’m going to become a model.’ But my friends laughed at me.

— Nam Joo Hyuk

But Nam Joo Hyuk believed in himself.

I told them, ‘Just you wait. I’m going to be a model in 3 years.’

— Nam Joo Hyuk

According to Nam Joo Hyuk, he used his friends’ doubt as a motivator, which helped him achieve his goal in the end.

I really became a model in 3 years. I was able to chase after it once I had a goal…

— Nam Joo Hyuk

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Props to Nam Joo Hyuk for proving his friends wrong!

Source: Dispatch