Nam Joo Hyuk And Ahn Hyo Seop Turn Heads At The 2022 DIOR Fall Fashion Show

The hottest men in K-Drama right now!

Nam Joo Hyuk and Ahn Hyo Seop are the two hottest men in K-Drama right now. Thanks to the success of their recent dramas, they are more famous than ever! Nam Joo Hyuk starred in Twenty Five, Twenty One, a lovely coming-of-age retro rom-com. He played the once-rich Baek Yi Jin, who falls in love with the plucky fencer Na Hee Do.

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On the other hand, Ahn Hyo Seop played the arrogant but endearing CEO Kang Tae Moo in Business Proposal. Hijinks ensue when he gets tangled up with Shin Ha Ri, his employee who goes on a blind date with him.


When luxury fashion house DIOR decided to host their fall fashion show in South Korea, it was only natural that these two stars were invited. Take a look at their stunning looks on the red carpet.

1. Ahn Hyo Seop

He stunned in a unique checkered blazer with neon green stripes.

Pattern was key for him with the printed shirt and tie.

Makeup was minimal, with only base makeup and the slightest hint of eyeshadow.

He looked amazing!

2. Nam Joo Hyuk

He went for a more classic look with a simple coat and button-down shirt.

He actually gave off some Nam Do San from Start-up vibes with this look.

His Start-up co-star, Suzy, was also present at the event as DIOR’s ambassador. Unfortunately, no interaction was captured on camera,

He certainly made the campus of Ewha University look even more gorgeous.

Even though his outfit was simple, you can’t miss out on the details! The pockets of his coat has a unique chain detailing on it.

Which look did you like the best? Not only were these two in attendance, but other drama stars such as EXO‘s Sehun, Snowdrop‘s Jung Hae In and more were present.