Nam Tae Hyun Exposes His Stalker’s Face And Pleads With Her To “Wake Up From Her Dream”

He “even moved because of [her].”

Nam Tae Hyun delivered a firm message to his stalker of 3 years. The singer has been making headlines for his decision to expose his stalker onto his Instagram account, all while pleading with her to stop her stalker ways. He shared two photos, one of a direct message from the stalker and another blurred picture of her face.

Nam Tae Hyun.

The former idol member shared a screenshot of a message that the stalker sent — to one of Nam Tae Hyun’s female acquaintances. According to the singer, his stalker directly contacted his acquaintance, asking her to “stop meeting up with Nam Tae Hyun.” The reason? It was because the stalker believed that she was in a relationship with the singer and wanted the female acquaintance to “be aware of [her] existence.”

Stalker’s DM as shown on Nam Tae Hyun’s Instagram | @souththth/Instagram

Hello. Can you stop meeting up with Tae Hyun? We’ve been dating for 3 years and we’re in contact with one another. We still call each other. [Blocked out text] there has been chaos and honestly, I can’t stand it anymore?? He told me you’re a friend, is that true?? During these times, he would freak out if I met up with another guy so I haven’t been meeting up with anyone but this is pissing me off! Did you know that because I fussed about it last time, he unfollowed me and then followed me again?? We fought again and I got so mad that I decided to DM you, even though I wasn’t going to. Go check with Tae Hyun and if you really are just his friend, I want you to be aware of my existence.

— Nam Tae Hyun’s stalker’s DM to his female acquaintance

Following that post, the singer also shared a photo of his stalker with all of his followers. With it, he shared this message:

| @souththth/Instagram

My stalker is back at it on this hot day. She contacted my acquaintance again and began sharing absolute nonsense.

This time, you revealed your face so confidently. The paranoia that you have can be improved if you consult with a doctor and receive treatment and/or medication. I don’t know you. I even moved because of you.

Please…please wake up from your dream. Snap out of it. #if this continues I will really reveal your face and go to the end

— Nam Tae Hyun

| Newsen

Stalkers and sasaeng fans have always been a problem within the entertainment industry, as more and more stars fall victim to the scary tactics their “fans” use. As this issue continues to arise within the K-Pop industry, we truly hope that there are effective measures taken place to ensure the safety and well-being of the stars.

Source: Korea Daily