Singer Nam Taehyun Taken In For Drunk Driving And Causing Damage

The police have taken him in.

Singer Nam Taehyun was caught by the police while drunk driving.

Around 3.20 am on March 8, 2023, he had pulled over on the roadside in the Gangnam area. Nam Taehyun had opened his car door while parked, and it hit a passing taxi. It was revealed that even after the collision, Nam Taehyun continued to drive for about 20 meters. Due to the collision, the taxi’s side mirror was damaged.

The police rushed to the site and tested Nam Taehyun for alcohol. The breathalyzer test showed 0.114%, a high enough number to void one’s license. He has been taken in for violating traffic rules. The police are still investigating the details.

Source: SBS
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