Nam Taehyun’s Girlfriend Publicly Exposes Him For Cheating With Multiple Women

“I’m not going to let any more women fall victim to him.”

In a series of recent Instagram uploads, Jang Jane publicly shamed Nam Taehyun for being unfaithful. The two seem to be going through a break-up, mainly because Nam Taehyun is cheating on Jang Jane with other women.

The two confirmed their relationship in April of 2019.


In the first upload, Jang Jane shared a few screenshots of Kakao Talk messages between an anonymous woman and Nam Taehyun, identified as the ID “South”. These messages reveal the sender getting upset with Nam Taehyun for “cheating” on her with Jang Jane. One of the messages sent from her reads, “I heard you’re with Jang Jane right now. There are thousands of eyes at the movie theater, you know.” To this, Nam Taehyun denies it is Jang Jane and replies something along the lines of, “Jang Jane and I aren’t official.”


In the caption, Jang Jane slams Nam Taehyun and asks him “to have at least the decency to know right and wrong.” She wrote that she doubts he will learn his lesson and so she wants other women to know the truth about him and stay away.

We were only getting to know each other, but you ‘confirmed’ that we’re dating. That complicated some things for my agency and me. But if you were going to be like this, you shouldn’t have taken our relationship public. No wonder you were so obsessive about revealing our relationship. It’s because you wanted to cover up what you’re doing behind my back. Hey Nam Taehyun, and especially his fans, STOP DMing ME WITH HATE MESSAGES. I guess he got away with doing this to his past girlfriends. I’m not going to let any more women fall victim to him- I doubt you’ll learn your lesson, but at least have the decency to know right and wrong.

— Jang Jane


In a following post, Jang Jane shared screenshots of DMs she received. These messages apologize to Jang Jane and reveal to her that the sender was intimate with Nam Taehyun after he began “dating” Jang Jane. This person claims that Nam Taehyun told her that he and Jang Jane have long been over, but that Jang Jane’s agency wouldn’t let the two share the news of their break-up.


On this post, Jang Jane captioned, “@souththth <- This is the person who told me to say that he has other plans on Studio Vibes~ He made promises that he couldn’t keep, but he didn’t want to get his reputation damaged. He was worried, so I agreed that I’d just take the blame for it.” (Note: Rough translation, context may slightly vary.) And she directly tagged Nam Taehyun’s Instagram handle, making the situation very open and public for all her followers and his.


Fans quickly grew curious with the contents of Jang Jane’s last posts. With more attention being focused on what’s happening between Jang Jane and Nam Taehyun, her Instagram account has now been turned private.


Jang Jane’s fans are supporting her decision to expose Nam Taehyun for treating her wrong. Nam Taehyun is yet to respond and his fans patiently await clarification. Meanwhile, Nam Taehyun’s Instagram remains public and is being bombarded with comments regarding the issue.

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