Nam Taehyun Gives Antis One Week Warning Before Pressing Lawsuit

Nam Taehyun recently updated his Instagram with one last warning to malicious commenters before getting the police involved.

Former WINNER member Nam Tae Hyun, who recently started a band after leaving YG Entertainment, uploaded a photo to Instagram on March 7 with a cautionary message towards his haters:

“I’ll tell you very clearly.

I received a call from the police. My fans filed a report for malicious comments and rumors, and the police needs my consensus for it to go through.

It’s the last time.

Stop spreading ridiculous rumors on Twitter, Instagram, Instiz, etc., and delete all of them. I told the police that I will wait a week before getting back to them.”

– Nam Taehyun

Previously, Nam Taehyun’s fans announced that they hired an attorney to officially file a lawsuit against his haters for rumor dissemination and defamation.

Source: DongA