The Name “IVE” Has Two Meanings To It, According To IVE’s Gaeul

Can you guess the other one?

IVE recently made their debut with the single album Eleven, and are proving that they’re determined to set themselves apart from other fresh faces in the industry!

IVE | Starship Entertainment

The group held their debut showcase recently, where they performed their song “Eleven” for the first time!

During the showcase, the host asked the group many questions about themselves, such as their positions, goals, and more!

| @ivestarship/Instagram

They were also asked about their unique group name, “IVE”. Wonyoung revealed that the name was selected for them after an internal company competition.


The meaning of the name has already been leaked to fans; “IVE” stands for the English words “I HAVE” meaning that the members are all ready to dazzle fans with everything they have!

According to Gaeul, however, the group’s name also has an additional meaning to it, borrowing inspiration partly from soccer!

Best of the best players in soccer are usually categorized as ‘best 11,’ and the same idea applies to our group. IVE is a group with the best members, so we made our debut as a sextet.

And we will keep on expanding our trendy tunes and stage performance to cement our presence in the music scene.



You can watch IVE’s spectacular debut with their song “Eleven” here!

Source: The Korea Herald