Nana gives curious reaction after being asked about dating, on “Roommate”

With the recent rumors of After School‘s Nana and model-actor Hong Jong Hyun dating, previews of Nana discussing her dating life on SBS Roommate has been garnering a lot of attention.
During the new episode of Roommate, which is set to air on January 27th, Nana has an honest talk about her dating life with Girls’ Generation‘s Sunny and comedian Lee Guk Joo.

When Lee Guk Joo asks, “Have either of you dated a celebrity before?” to both Sunny and Nana, the After School member answers, “I like guys who have a lot of cuteness, like aegyo.

Nana then states, “The most impressionable gift that I received from a boyfriend that I dated was a handmade photobook,” in which Lee Guk Joo asks, “So was the guy who gave you this photobook a celebrity?

Nana is then seen acting very perplexed and taken off-guard, as if she has something to hide. Many netizens are speculating that although it’s probably just the way the preview of the episode was edited, it’s highly suspicious that something like this is occurring just after the big dating rumors between Nana and Hong Jong Hyun.

Source: Star News