Nana Is Seemingly Almost Finished With Her Tattoo Removal — Netizens Are Heavily Divided At The Results

“You shouldn’t have done it from the beginning…”

While it is becoming more common among celebrities, tattoos are still fairly taboo in Korea, but one star who gained attention for her artwork was Nana.

Nana | @jin_a_nana/Instagram

In 2022, Nana shocked fans when she showed off a huge range of intricate and bold tattoos. While it received some backlash, a lot of international fans loved the different designs and how they looked when she was wearing more revealing outfits.

| @jin_a_nana/Instagram
| @jin_a_nana/Instagram
| theqoo

In 2023, netizens were surprised when Nana revealed that she was in the process of getting rid of her artwork, and it was all because of her mother’s request. In photos, fans saw the artwork slowly fade throughout the year as she attended different events and shared images online.

| @jin_a_nana/Instagram
| @jin_a_nana/Instagram
| theqoo
| theqoo

Nana has become a hot topic on the Korean forum theqoo after the results of that removal have become even more clear.

Recently, Nana shared some photos on her Instagram, and unless you look clearly, it looks as if she never had them, as all can be seen are some faint scars that come with the tattoo removal process.

| @jin_a_nana/Instagram
| @jin_a_nana/Instagram
| @jin_a_nana/Instagram

On May 8, Nana posted some new photos on her Instagram. In the photos, there were clearer shots of Nana’s skin, where the tattoos were slowly removed, and like the previous shots, all that could be seen were some scarring.

| @jin_a_nana/Instagram
| @jin_a_nana/Instagram
| @jin_a_nana/Instagram

When the photos and timeline of Nana’s tattoos were posted, netizens reacted to the transformation in very different ways.

Some netizens thought the process was going well as it had only been a year, but others found it hard to see the scarring, realizing that it would be very hard to remove all traces of the tattoo. It wasn’t surprising that some fans had very strong views on the tattoos, criticizing her decision in the first place and the idea of tattoos.




| theqoo
  • “Wow, but at this point, makeup should be able to cover them…”
  • “Wow, by my standards, they seem to be cleanly and quickly fading away.”
  • “Even after they fade, they leave scars on the skin… And as you get older, your skin  kind of deteriorates(?). Tattoos are like cigarettes…”
  • “They’re still somewhat visible. If that’s how they look in photos, they’ll be more noticeable if you see them in person… I wish people wouldn’t get tattoos on impulse or to follow trends, especially just because idols have them.”
  • “Wow, it really takes a long time…”
  • “I thought they’re being removed quite nicely for a year’s work…”
  • “If she was going to get rid of them anyway, why did she get them in the first place? She shouldn’t have gotten any at all… especially all over her body.”
  • “Oh, they’re not fully removed… They just became scars.”

Nana looked beautiful with tattoos and still stunning without, which is a choice she made.

Source: theqoo
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