Narsha’s Sexy Tattoo Had Korea In A Fit Of Outrage

Some tattoos are still frowned upon in South Korea, as netizens’s reactions to Narsha’s ink proves.

Brown Eyed GirlsNarsha revealed a tattoo in a bikini photo shoot and Koreans flat out hate it, showing that prejudice against body ink in South Korea remains strong.

Narsha did the photo shoot after participating in JTBC‘s War on Obesity – Happy Reduction Life where she successfully dieted by sticking to a strict menu and exercising three hours a day.

While the images were shared to celebrate her weight loss, healthier lifestyle, and fitness advocacy, Koreans fixated on her stomach tattoo, calling it “old fashioned” and “ugly”.

  • “That tattoo is ugly… stomach tattoos are lame.”
  • “Look at the location… why would you get it there??”
  • “It’s gross and ugly.”
  • “Why does a woman have tattoos?”
  • “It looks like nothing… really cheap.”
  • “You think it expresses your individuality? Or maybe you thought you could get a little attention with a tattoo?”
  • “It is not a pretty tattoo. Old-fashioned style.”
  • “Why do you have that tattoo when it’s not even pretty? I bet pubic hair comes out on it.”

On the flip side, international fans are loving her ink and are blown away by her smoking hot body.

  • “OMG! I loving your tattoo! It looks so cool!”
  • “Nice tattoo.”
  • “I love your tattoo.”
  • “You are a goddess.”
  • “Yas Queen!!!! Girl looking good!! Whoooooo her husband is so lucky to have her.”

While tattoos are not uncommon in South Korea, with many K-Pop idols sporting ink, historically they have been associated with gang activity and are still frowned upon in some circles.

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Because tattoos are still seen as taboo, however, many idols keep their body art hidden or opt for small, simple designs.

Narsha’s bold reveal clearly turned some heads! Check out her victory photo shoot below: