National Equestrian And Former Child Actor Threatens Ex-Girlfriend With Nudes

He claims it was all “just a joke.”

A Korean national equestrian is being questioned for his involvement in harassment.

Not Mr. A | Yonhap News

According to an exclusive report by SBS, a national equestrian (horseback rider) Mr. A has been harassing his former girlfriend Ms. B, with illegally obtained explicit photos and videos for the past month. It was after the two had broken up that Mr. A began his harassment and threats towards Ms. B.

Mr. A went to her home and created a scene while threatening Ms. B. He demanded her to come out of her home to see him or he’d release the explicit photos and videos. Due to his continuous harassment and threats, Ms. A tried to take her own life at some point during this time.

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Mr. A is a nationally ranked equestrian, competing in the Asian Games three times. He originally started his career as a child actor, appearing in several movies and dramas before transitioning into a horseback rider.

Not Mr. A | SK Race

While Mr. A admits to sending the explicit photos and videos to Ms. B, he claims that it was all “just a joke.” He further explained that he did it with the hopes of reviving their relationship.

Gyeong-gi Police Department | Korea Herald

This case has since been taken on by the police, where Ms. B will be investigated. Ms. B is currently an equestrian teacher in Gyeong-gi Province.

Source: Hankyung