The National Police Agency Of Korea Confuses TVXQ Fans With A Random Post About Yunho

The police tweeting about Yunho surrounded by mobsters???

The National Police Agency of Korea recently confused TVXQ fans with a random post about Yunho on their official Twitter account.

Yunho is set to release his second mini-album, “Noir” soon, and the teaser for it was retweeted by the National Police Agency of Korea.

And as if that wasn’t surprising already, what makes it even more interesting is the fact that the theme of the album involves mobsters.

| @TVXQ/Twitter


The photo shows Yunho posing in the midst of his mobster subordinates bowing down to him, and the fact that the police shared such a post gained much interest online.

The officer maintaining the account must’ve mistaken it for their personal account because the retweet was taken down soon afterward.

But they weren’t quite fast enough because the word has already spread and fans are absolutely loving it.

  • I can’t believe the police posted about mobsters.
  • That’s hilarious.
  • I bet they wanted to hide in a hole.

As the National Police Agency of Korea’s post indicated, Yunho’s second mini-album, “Noir” is set to be released on January 18.

Source: Dispatch