National Tax Service Launches Large-Scale Investigation On Korean Celebrities For Tax Evasion

They have confirmed the suspicions of evading celebrities.

The National Tax Service plans to conduct a tax investigation on Korean celebrities, YouTubers, and webtoon writers suspected of tax evasion. They confirmed the suspicion of evading celebrities and launched an investigation, stating they had not fulfilled their constitutional tax obligations.

The National Tax Service stated, “Celebrities, athletes, gamers, and webtoon writers are subject to a tax investigation. They evaded income while enjoying stable high profits based on public recognition.”

Celebrity A, in particular, set up a one-man agency in the name of a family member and dispersed the income. They even falsely paid labor costs to relatives that did not actually work for them. In addition, athlete B gave fake labor costs to family while gamer C did not reports the prize money received from overseas competitions.

Meanwhile, the National Tax Service is in a position that it cannot reveal the names of the celebrities who are suspected of tax evasion under the Basic National Tax Act.

Source: herald pop
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