Goddess National Volleyball Player Lee Da Yeong Cutely Confesses Her Love For BTS’s Jin

Ooh girl, we feel you!

Korean National volleyball player Lee Da Yeong recently revealed herself to be an ARMY and everyone is loving her cute confession for the group!

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In a short video uploaded onto Twitter, Lee Da Yeong, who currently plays as a setter for the National Volleyball Team of South Korea, revealed her adorable love for BTS’s Jin!

In the short clip, the volleyball player can be heard saying the following:

  • Interviewer: Let’s say BTS’s Jin saw your game today”
  • LDY: “Wait what?! I really hope he saw it…”
  • Interviewer: “Do you have anything you’d like to say to him?”
  • LDY: “I love you!”


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The clip ends with the volleyball player laughing out of embarrassment and rolling back onto the floor while flailing her legs up in the air. ARMYs can’t seem to get enough of her as they found the entire interaction too adorable for words! Take a look at some of their reactions to the volleyball player’s cute confession.

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Lee Dayeong also previously made headlines for being a goddess in the volleyball world with her perfect proportions, pretty face and immaculate fashion. We can’t imagine how flattered Jin must be!

Source: Tenasia, Star Daily News and Zum