NATTY Reveals She Was Preparing To Debut With A Girl Group Before Ultimately Going Solo

She opened up about her goals.

Before NATTY debuted as a soloist earlier this year, she was a famous trainee who competed on multiple hit competition shows. She appeared on JYP’s SIXTEEN and Mnet’s Idol School, but were eliminated in both.

But she ultimately found a home under Swings Entertainment and made her solo debut with “NINETEEN”.

Much like her competition shows, NATTY was preparing to debut as a girl group before her agency suddenly decide that she’ll be a soloist!

But she doesn’t mind because she’s always dreamed of having a solo career one day, and her dream just came true faster than expected!

I was originally preparing to debut with a girl group, but about 5 months ago, they told me to prepare for a solo debut.

I always wanted to make a solo debut one day, but I was surprised that I got to fulfill the dream so quickly.


NATTY reflected back on making her highly-anticipated debut. She was nervous all throughout her promotions but was simply ecstatic that she got to sing her own song!

I was shaking and nervous since it’s my first time, but the new experience was more fun and exciting for me.

Last year at K-CON, I sang Sunmi’s “Gashina”. I was very proud at the time, but I was even more excited that I got to sing my own song this time.


As for her debut song “NINTEEN”, she revealed that it was befitting as one of her bucket list goals was to debut before she hit 20, and she did it at the young age of 19!

She also revealed that she hopes to collaborate with BoA and Baek Yerin, try acting, and ultimately create a new genre just for her music!

Debuting before I hit 20 was on my bucket list.

There are a lot of things on my list, such as ‘Collaborate with BoA and Baek Yerin”, “Receive the Rookie of the Year Award”, “Win #1 on a Music Show”, “Try shaving my head”, and more. I also want to try acting one day.

But my long-term goal is to make a genre fitting just for NATTY.


Although she may not be a part of a girl group anymore, NATTY is well on her way to become a solo star (especially with the help of her old friends, TWICE and ITZY)!

Source: eDaily