NATURE Addresses Fans’ Criticisms Of Cultural Appropriation In Their Latest Comeback

They addressed the backlash.

Girl group NATURE have spoken up about their cultural appropriation controversy.

NATURE| n.CH Entertainment

Recently, NATURE was announced to be making their comeback after a year and a half, and soon began dropping teasers ahead of their comeback release. When the teasers were released, however, netizens began criticizing the group for their use of Indian accessories, such as wearing bindis, and also for their use of Indian traditional dance movements.

After the release of their official comeback song “Rica Rica”, NATURE sat down for an interview, where they addressed the backlash they received for the alleged cultural appropriation.

Member Loha stated that they had no intentions of cultural appropriation, and also stated that they were “especially cautious” about avoiding any kind of cultural appropriation, while promising that they and their staff would do better next time.

We were especially cautious as we understand that such issue (of cultural appropriation) is a sensitive matter these days. We had no intention of mocking other traditions, but the members and staff will make sure we take more caution next time.


You can watch the full video for “Rica Rica” below:

Source: The Korea Herald