Nature Republic Announces Termination of EXO’s Contract After 7-Year-Long Collaboration

Some fans think Chen’s recent marriage announcement posed an influence.

The Korean beauty brand, Nature Republic recently made the announcement that they’ll be terminating their contract with EXO this coming February.

The announcement reads as follows:

Hello. Our contract with EXO, who have been our models for a very long time, will be terminated on February 29, 2020. Therefore, all EXO-related items within the stores must be consumed.

– Nature Republic

This announcement comes shortly after Chen‘s reveal that he’ll be marrying his non-celebrity girlfriend and that they are expecting a child.

EXO’s Chen Reveals He Is Getting Married

Although there is no confirmation that this posed an influence, fans are jumping to conclusions and even demanding that he leave the group.

EXO got cut because of Jongdae. When will he leave the group?

The other members got their contract terminated because of him… And I don’t even know if he’s in hiding or not. I’m the fool for liking him in the first place.

EXO can’t work with them anymore all because of Kim Jongdae. Wow, seriously. Hahahahaha. He’s caused enough harm.

On the other hand, fans are relieved that their contract finally ended after a 7-year-long collaboration since 2013.

Wow, they’ve been with them for so long. They’re finally free.

Wow, I was wondering when it’d end. Finally.

Wow, finally. There was nothing to buy there anyway.

EXO has been a model for the Korean beauty brand since 2013, promoting makeup and skincare products via commercials, branding, and more.

Source: The Qoo