Netizens Have Mixed Reactions Over Girl Group NATURE’s New Shocking Choreography

First “Rica Rica” and now this!

Girl group NATURE previously went viral for their unique choreography for their song “Rica Rica.” The quick leg movements and different dance moves garnered a mixed response from netizens with some thinking it was a gimmick and others finding it fun.

NATURE is now back with a new song — and their choreography is just as unique! “LIMBO” features a series of crazy dance moves, starting with the members playing into the song’s title and acting out a game of limbo.

They then shift into this leg-snapping move before switching positions again.

When the notable “Limbo limbo lim~” line comes back, they get into position…

…and even use their hair as part of the choreography!

If all of that wasn’t enough, this head-bobbing and chest-bobbing movement solidified their concept of unique and unexpected choreography.

Up to the last moment, the song’s live performance was full of surprises.

The TikTok challenge features some moves at the beginning of the chorus where fans can try and do the fun dance for themselves.

Just like “Rica Rica,” the choreography from “Limbo” has a mixed variety of responses from netizens.

  • “Well… Any publicity is good publicity”
  • “I think this is the type of choreography that people on Tiktok would really love…”
  • “Not my cup of tea but | don’t think it’s that bad…”
  • “What? This looks totally fine, though? LOL Or is it because their previous choreography was way too
  • “I somehow feel really sorry for them…”

Watch NATURE perform “Limbo” live below.

Check out the full music video to “LIMBO” below:

Source: theqoo