Naver V App Criticized By Korean ARMYs For A Mistranslation In “Run BTS”

The Japanese caption of what Jungkook said was inaccurate.

Episode 108 of BTS‘s variety program, Run BTS recently came out, where the members were seen enjoying the game, Gang Beasts.



In the episode, the members faced off against each other, and the winner of the first game was Suga, but the members didn’t let the fun end there.

Before starting the next game, Jungkook expressed his high spirits by shouting, “Hurray for the independence of Korea!

But when Korean fans saw the Japanese translation of Jungkook’s cheer, they immediately expressed their discontent.

That’s because the Japanese translation read, “Hurry for the Republic of Korea!” instead of “Hurray for the independence of Korea!

Since it was accurately translated in English and Chinese, fans expressed their anger through comments such as “Are they trying to be cautious around the Japanese?” and “I can’t believe they can’t translate it as ‘independence of Korea’.


Some fans even took action and demanded that Naver V App change the translation.

The reason for the controversy is that Korea achieved its independence from Japan back in 1945 following the period of Korea under Japanese rule.

However, Japan fails to acknowledge some of the oppressive acts they committed against Koreans during that time period, which is why Koreans feel that it is important for any information regarding the era to be conveyed accurately.

Shortly after the controversy, the caption has now been corrected to “Hurray for the independence of Korea!” even in Japanese.