Fans Are Protesting The New Function On NAVER’s Live Stream App As It Makes It Easier For Idols To See Malicious Comments

Response to the update has not been positive.

NAVER‘s live streaming app has been updated to include a new function. Unfortunately, it is one that has greatly upset fans. As idols often make use of this app to communicate with fans, many are concerned that the update exposes them more easily to malicious comments.


Previously, comments could be left both during the live and after. However, the new update allows one to filter comments by popularity, after the live has ended.

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Community users are able to vote comments up or down as well. Fans are concerned that trolls will be able to use this function to push hate comments to the top, making it easier for idols to see.

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Not only that, you are now able to use it like a community board. Users are able to reply directly to certain comments.

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This has drawn up concern from fans who have immediately left feedback for the developers. However, according to an online community, the application developers replied that “the function has been added to allow fans and artists greater communication” and that it encourages a sense of community. Naturally, fans are up in arms about the update.

  • “I hope that this time they just go down… We really urgently need a different platform kkk”
  • “F*ck I’m f*cking upset that our idols will have to see malicious comments in real time. Previously they all just got swept up along with other comments, you f*ckers”
  • “Are they poking fun at us”
  • “The update is seriously stupid. The ability to like comments is disgusting sigh f*ck”

So far, the function has not been removed despite the negative reviews.


Source: theqoo