Nayeon Reveals The Reason Why All Of TWICE’s Members Chose To Stay Together

TWICE is forever!

Nayeon revealed the reason why all of TWICE‘s members chose to stay together.

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Earlier this year, fans were holding their breath as 2022 marked the group’s dreaded “Year 7.” As many K-Pop fans are well aware, the “Year 7 Curse” alludes to the fact most idol contracts are for seven years, and hence many groups are disbanded on their seventh year.

On December 18, Cosmopolitan Korea released a video in which the media outlet interviewed TWICE’s Nayeon.

In the video, Nayeon was asked why all of TWICE’s members chose to re-sign with JYP Entertainment and, more importantly, stay in TWICE.

Nayeon revealed that each member did have their own respective concerns and needs, but in the end, all of the members had one thing in common.

Because we have so many members, each member had their own concerns and reasons. But I think the members unanimously wanted to stay together and still wanted to be a part of TWICE.

— Nayeon

It seems Nayeon and her TWICE members still can’t get enough of each other despite staying together for so long!

TWICE debuted in 2015 under JYP Entertainment and has since become one of K-Pop’s most recognizable and enduring groups. The group is known for their close relationship with one another as well as their hit songs such as “TT,” “What Is Love?” and “Fancy.”

Watch Nayeon’s full interview, in which she answers some of fans’ most pressing questions in the link below!

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