Nayeon Reveals TWICE’s One Regret About Their “Cry For Me” Performances

“Because I feel like we didn’t…”

Top girl group TWICE recently performed “Cry For Me” on The Kelly Clarkson Show.

In a recent behind the scenes video from that day, Nayeon shared the one regret that she and her fellow TWICE members had about the song—not performing it more! The girls wanted fans to see more of it.

Because I feel like we didn’t perform the song as much as we wanted to for ONCE.

— Nayeon

Due to this regret, when they were deciding on what to perform on the show, they quickly settled on “Cry For Me” over all of their other songs. “So I wanted to take this chance to make up for it.

It had been a long time since they last performed it, however, so they had already forgotten some of its choreography. They worked hard to relearn the dance prior to their guest appearance.

We didn’t practice this song for a long time, so everyone forgot the choreography. We had to practice a lot, and we came to perform today.

— Nayeon

Their hard work definitely paid off! No one watching their breathtaking performance on The Kelly Clarkson Show would have guessed that they had to relearn the choreography.

Watch the full behind the scenes video below.

Source: TWICE


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