TWICE’s Nayeon Shows Us Why She Is Officially The Mom of Stray Kids

The honorary 10th member of Stray Kids!

Nayeon may not be the leader of TWICE, but it turns out that might be because she’s the “mom” of another group – Stray Kids!

Although it’s common that labelmates support each other (especially in regards to the sunbae-hoobae relationship), Nayeon goes the extra mile to take care of her Stray Kids “children”.

She especially went full “group mom” during the 2019 Idol Star Athletics Championships!

Nayeon was seen giving out high fives to Chan, Han, and Woojin and telling them they did a great job for a job well done after the group completed the relay race event, showing that she supports them even if they win or lose.

She then gave Felix a reassuring pat on the back as he was leaving the stadium at the end of the event, no doubt in an attempt to let him know that she wished him and the group to have a safe trip back to the dorms.

But Nayeon went true “mother hen” when she noted that Stray Kids might be hungry (as the recording of the event is pretty much the whole day). Using Bang Chan‘s bestie Vernon (of Seventeen) as the delivery person, Nayeon made sure to pass along a ton of food so her “children” could be well fed and refreshed.

We love it when labelmates interact, and we hope to see more of the lovely relationship between Nayeon and her Stray Kids “children”!