Ahgases Can’t Stop Laughing At NBC’s “TODAY Show” Revealing GOT7’s Newest Member: Bernie

Annyeonghaseyo, Bernie-imnida. 👋

Bernie Sanders, the US senator and rising meme king, literally conquered the internet with his cozy-in-mittens “Cold Bernie” look at the 46th president Joe Biden‘s inauguration.

| Brendan Smialowski/AFP

The picture, capturing Bernie Sanders following all the coronavirus (COVID-19) safety protocols to a T, immediately got everyone hopping on photoshop — to “slide” him into all sorts of places, like K-Dramas…

| @SubtleAsianTraits/Facebook

… K-Movies…

| @SubtleAsianTraits/Facebook

… and even K-Pop!

| @TheHangler/Twitter

And of course, NBC‘s TODAY Show didn’t miss the chance to air this hilarious edit of Bernie blending in so naturally with GOT7!


Ahgases are cackling at the unexpected addition of a new member, thanks to @TheHangler’s super-cheeky “You Calling My Bernie Sanders” edits.

| @TheHangler/Twitter

Did NBC make GOT8 official?

| @TheHangler/Twitter

Yeah, absolutely. Stan Bernie for clear skin! 😂

Watch the full TODAY Show segment here:

Source: TheHangler