A Child NCTzen’s Pure Message To NCT 127 Is Winning Over Fans

“I want you guys to…”

Landing in Thailand for their concert NEO CITY: BANGKOK — THE LINK, NCT 127 was welcomed by fans and reporters alike. There was even a particular fan who gained the love of international NCTzens for their innocent message to the group.

NCT 127 | @NCTsmtown_127

Outside NCT 127’s concert venue, Thai YouTube trio GoyNattyDream met a child fan named Beiji, who was seeing the K-Pop group for the third time. Naturally, they asked the young NCTzen which member was his favorite. He chose the multi-talented leader Taeyong.

They also asked the young boy to share the one thing he wanted to tell the group. Beiji answered, “I want you guys to take a rest and please be our wonderful beings.

Beiji’s response was so caring that the GoyNattyDream trio couldn’t help thanking him for sharing such a heartwarming message. They weren’t the only ones touched by Beiji’s innocent words.

The moment caught fellow NCTzens’ attention as they called Beiji “sweet and caring like their bias” and even thanked Beiji’s parents for “raising him well.

Although NCT 127 might not be able to meet the young NCTzen, as they did for the young fan Mali in Indonesia, they would be touched by the child’s sweet words too.


Listen to Beiji’s caring message for his beloved group NCT 127.


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