SM Entertainment Apologizes For Excluding NCT 127’s Doyoung From The “2 Baddies” Album

Fans are still frustrated.

NCT 127 made a powerful comeback with 2 Baddies, and fans love everything from the upbeat track to the insane visuals.

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Although fans were incredibly excited to receive their albums, they became understandably upset when they realized that Doyoung‘s picture was excluded from the group photo at the back of the Digipack album.

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Fans of the group were incredibly upset at the exclusion. Even though it didn’t seem intentional, they believed SM Entertainment was responsible for ensuring all their products were mistake-free.

Fans were demanding that SM Entertainment reprint the album after remedying their mistake.

The exclusion seems especially hurtful since NCT 127 had opened up about the difficulties of preparing for this album. Doyoung especially made fans emotional as he explained his motivation for pushing through his exhaustion.

I’m doing this because of you guys and our fans. If it wasn’t for that, I have no reason to be doing this.

— Doyoung

Doyoung | @NCTsmtown_127/Twitter

SM Entertainment has since issued an apology to fans.

Hello, this is SM Entertainment.

We have confirmed that the image of Doyoung in the Digipack version of NCT 127’s 4th album 2 Baddies is missing.

We sincerely apologize to the fans, Doyoung, and the rest of the NCT 127 members for failing to check all parts meticulously in the album’s jacket design process.

— SM Entertainment

SM Entertainment also shared that they found a way to replace the image, including Doyoung’s picture, but that they won’t be able to remedy the already shipped albums.

After checking the omission of the image, we tried to find a way to replace the image in the album released today (the 16th).

However, we found that it was difficult to retrieve the albums that are already in the process of being delivered to vendors and customers.

— SM Entertainment

To make up for the mistake, SM Entertainment will send out the re-done booklets to those who receive the albums with the error.

The booklets will be re-printed and sent out to those who ahve received the Digipack album with the missing photo as soon as possible, and the details will be announced separately as soon as they are finalized.

Once again, we deeply apologize to the fans for our mistake and the inconvenience.

— SM Entertainment

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Fans are still frustrated that such a mistake was able to happen in the first place.

But are pleased that SM Entertainment so quickly took action.

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