NCT 127’s Jungwoo Shows Off Friendship With ASTRO’s Moonbin And Rocky

Who doesn’t want to see more of their sweet friendship?

With NCT 127‘s Jungwoo becoming a new host for MBC‘s Music Core, one of the perks of the position is finding out who the idol is friends with.

Jungwoo, Kim Minju, and Stray Kids’ Lee Know.

During the latest airing of the show, viewers were pleasantly surprised by the cute interaction between him and ASTRO‘s Moonbin and Rocky.

Moonbin, Rocky, Jinjin, and Sanha.

Taking the number one spot with their track “After Midnight”, ASTRO was ready to kick off their encore stage. Before doing so, Jungwoo went straight to Rocky for a quick hug of congratulations.

Jungwoo wasn’t finished just yet. As the other hosts gave the group their congratulations, Jungwoo leaned in for a hug with Moonbin.

The sweet interaction had Aroha and NCTzens loving their friendship and looking forward to seeing more from them. See Jungwoo, Rocky, and Moonbin show how friendly they are with each other.