Introducing Your New MBC “Music Core” MCs — Stray Kids’ Lee Know And NCT’s Jungwoo

Here are your new MCs.

Stray KidsLee Know and NCT‘s Jungwoo will be the new MCs for MBC Music Core, joining Kim Minju.

MBC and Music Core‘s production team confirmed the new MC lineup of Lee Know, Kim Minju, and Jungwoo will begin their MC journey together on the August 14 episode. Jungwoo and Lee Know are expected to bring their charms and energy to Music Core and show off their multitude of talents and hosting abilities.

We expect the bright energy of Jungwoo and Lee Know to bring new freshness to the program and also form a great synergy with our existing MC, Kim Minju.

— Music Core

All three of the MCs shared their opinions ahead of their first episode hosting together.

It is an honor to take the place of MC for Music Core. I will do my best to be an MC who can bring happiness to the viewers every week.

— Jungwoo

There is a burden to take the place of MC on Music Core, but I will be an MC that shows improvement and growth every episode.

— Lee Know 

I will continue to make Saturdays fun and energetic with us three MCs!

— Kim Minju

The trio will make their first appearance as MCs on the August 14 broadcast of Music Core and will have a special performance together.

Source: Newsen
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