NCT 127’s Jungwoo Reenacts The One Video That The Members Still Tease Him About

It’s too cute!

NCT 127 recently appeared on MMTG to promote their latest comeback, “STICKER”. The boys took some time to share blasts from the past. In particular, Jungwoo thought back to the days of his debut where he joined the group halfway. He had been so nervous before going on stage that he had teared up.

He was made to sing acapella, and the snippet ended up going down in history as “the world’s most melancholic version” of “BOSS”.

He shared that the video was still one that the members teased him regularly about, up to this very day! He pointed out that Jaehyun, Taeil and Haechan tease him the most for it, while Mark shared that Jaehyun was a huge fan of that video in particular.

Who can help it, when he’s this adorable? Jungwoo even reenacted the song for fans.

Check out the clip and the rest of the episode below!