An NCTzen’s Banner Was So Funny That NCT 127’s Mark Had To Keep It

The fan put a funny twist on a Haechan banner.

Day two of NCT 127‘s NEO CITY – THE LINK + concert in Jakarta was full of humorous moments, including Taeil being the next member to lose a battle against his lightstick. Yet another funny moment that has fans laughing is Mark taking a fan’s iconic banner.

Haechan and Mark | @feb_116/Twitter

While the group was on stage, they took the time to engage with fans and take a closer look at the banners fans prepared. Mark noticed one nearby, picking it up to see what it was.

As soon as Mark saw what was on it, he couldn’t help smiling. He liked the banner so much that he kept it with him, holding it as he waved to fans. As for what was on the banner, the fan who created it shared what had amused Mark so much.

The banner was one of NCTzens’ iconic memes featuring Haechan.

| @MHKLOOKS/Twitter

Not only did it gain attention among fans for being hilarious, but the fan was happy that Mark got enjoyment out of it as well.


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