NCT 127 Smashes Multiple Records For All NCT Units With “Neo Zone”

Less than 72 hours and promotions are already off to an epic start.

With the release of NCT 127‘s second full-length album Neo Zone, the group has already surpassed previous records set by themselves and other NCT units. They were able to accomplish this all in one single day, kicking off their promotions for “Kick It” with a major bang.

What began the stream of new records was the massive amount of pre-orders for the album. Compared to their previous album sales, NCT 127 blew them out of the water with over 530,000 pre-orders.

The record that has all NCTzens pulling out the champagne is the title song’s position on the Melon chart. To everyone’s surprise, “Kick It” landed in the top ten, snatching up the seventh spot. Why is that so amazing?

NCT 127’s last title track “Superhuman” nearly missed the top fifty, coming in at number forty-nine. Even popular tracks “Limitless” and “Regular” hadn’t been able to crack the top ten upon debuting on the Melon chart.

On the very first day, “Kick It” has not only become their highest-charting title track on the platform but all of NCT’s units, beating out NCT Dream‘s “Boom” that placed at nineteen. There’s just one more achievement that has fans thrilled.

In just twenty-four hours, “Kick It” has become the NCT video that’s reached the highest amount of views the fastest, coming in at nearly seven million.

On top of that, “Kick It” even trended number one on YouTube in Korea for over twelve hours. Add in topping the iTunes charts of over twenty countries, and NCT 127 are off to an epic start for their album promotions.

For this comeback, fans and NCT 127 did not come to play around. They’re ready for the group to get all the shine and recognition they’ve worked hard to earn.