NCT 127 Are Having So Much Fun With Their University Concept, And Their Hilarious Instagram Convo Proves It

It was the epitome of college co-living!

NCT 127 are fully embracing their new university concept, from changing their Instagram profiles to declaring their own majors. It’s no surprise that the group was able to adjust to their dorm-life concept so easily!

Doyoung, Taeil, Haechan, Jungwoo, Yuta, Mark, Johnny, Taeyong, and Jaehyun celebrating NCT 127’s 5th anniversary. | @NCTsmtown_127/Twitter

It all started when Doyoung publicly called out all the members on his Instagram story. He reminded them all to turn off the lights when leaving a room and even tagged all the members plus the official NCT 127 account!

NCDC sunbae-nims and hoobae-nims, be sure to turn off the light when you leave the room… please.

— Doyoung

The official 127 account reposted it and added another reminder: “+ Please turn off the AC too…🥲⚡

From there, it was time to start pointing fingers! Taeil claimed that he thought it was Yuta who left on the light, saying “I think it’s Yuta“…

…but Yuta quickly said it wasn’t him! He said, “It’s not me ㅠㅠㅠ.”

Instead, Yuta called out Mark!

I actually know who it is, I saw him the other time. I’m pretty sure it’s M.K.

— Yuta

Johnny backed up Yuta’s story, saying “It’s Mark. I saw him.” He even retagged Mark in the post!

Mark couldn’t believe the betrayal and insisted it wasn’t him. He said that out of all of them, he’s the best at remembering to turn off the lights. Instead of claiming it was another member, Mark said it might have been “Zennie!”

It’s not me thoughhh! I’m the one who ALWAYS hits the lights whenever I leave the room.

I guess it’s Zennie who keeps leaving the lights on. 🤔

— Mark

Zennie” is a way of shortening “Czennie,” an already shortened version of the fandom’s name, NCTzen. NCTzens were in disbelief over the whole conversation, asking why we were brought into this!

Ultimately, it was Taeyong who took the blame for leaving the lights on, solving the mystery and putting a (temporary) end to the hilarious NCDC drama.

I got it, I got it, I got it. I’ll be sure to turn them off before leaving tomorrow. 🙂🙃🙂🙃🙃🙃

— Taeyong

NCTzens are loving this concept for the group and it’s obvious the members are having fun with it too! Who knows what other kinds of shenanigans they’ll get up to through their university-life era.

Source: Twitter and Instagram


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