NCT 127 Surprises Fans With An Unexpectedly Chaotic Ending Fairy Moment

Netizens quickly uncovered the plan behind the madness 😂

NCT 127 has officially wrapped promotions for their latest comeback, during which they promoted their fourth repackaged album Ay-Yo and performed both the title track of the same name and B-side “DJ” on music shows.

Before bringing their “Ay-Yo” era to a close, the fun-loving group had one more hilariously chaotic moment to leave NCTzens with during their final Inkigayo performance.

(Top row, L to R) NCT 127’s Johnny, Taeyong, Mark, Doyoung, Taeil, Haechan (Bottom row, L to R) Yuta, Jungwoo, and Jaehyun | @NCTsmtown_127/Twitter

NCT 127’s performances are always incredible, and the group was as lively as ever during their “Ay-Yo” promotions. The group gave fans many memorable moments, including hilarious interactions with fellow 4-gen groups…

… proving their mics were on during their encore stages, showing off their stable live vocals…

… and, of course, the return of beloved maknae Haechan after a brief pause in his schedules for health reasons.

The group’s lovable antics continued until their final Inkigayo performance when they surprised viewers with an unexpected ending fairy.

After their “Ay-Yo” stage, the camera zoomed in on Haechan, who took the ending fairy spotlight. That was until the eight older members all rushed to join him, catching fans off-guard in the best way.

Netizens quickly noticed they did the same thing for their “DJ” stage, with the camera lingering on Johnny before oldest member Taeil took the spotlight and the other members “crashed” his ending fairy moment.

While it seemed like it could have been an adorable way for them to end their promotions, a video from the day before revealed there was a method to the madness.

The clip showed NCT 127 hilariously planning the chaotic ending fairy as a challenge. Whoever didn’t make it onto the screen during the ending fairy would have a “penalty.”

After the funny and unexpected ending fairy challenge that all members seemed to pass, NCTzens will have to wait and see if someone is deemed the penalty recipient.

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