NCT 127’s Taeil Goes Viral For “Scaring” TXT’s Beomgyu With One Of His Habits

The hilarious moment has more than 2 million views!

NCT 127‘s Taeil recently went viral after “frightening” TXT‘s Beomgyu while the two groups were on a music show.

NCT 127’s Taeil | SM Enetertainment

TXT’s Beomgyu | @TXT_members/Twitter

NCT 127 and TXT are currently promoting their latest releases simultaneously and have been appearing on weekly music shows together. On the latest episode of Music Bank, the two groups were interviewed together!

Fans immediately made a flirty moment between Yeonjun and Taeyong go viral.

As of late, another viral moment has been making its rounds on social media featuring Taeil and Beomgyu!

Before the interview began, both groups waited for their cue to start. Taeil can be seen mouthing something as if he’s talking to someone who isn’t there.

At the same time, Beomgyu seems to look over at Taeil with a bewildered expression on his face.

The two are back to normal by the time the interview starts, but fans quickly took notice and combined clips of the funny moment into a single video. Videos on TikTok and Twitter have compiled 1.4 million views and 251 thousand views, respectively.


beomgyu looks so CONFUSED kaksksk😭 #taeil #nct127

♬ เสียงต้นฉบับ – ครูศรีหนุ่ม the comedian c17 – ครูศรีหนุ่ม

While talking to oneself is completely normal, fans have pointed out that Taeil does similar things often, something NCTzens call “talking with his fairy friends.”

While there may not be an explanation for this viral moment, it sure is hilarious! You can check out the full interview below.