NCT 127’s Taeyong Spotted With New Tattoo, Here’s What It Could Mean

There’s always a meaning behind every one of Taeyong’s tattoos.

Concerning tattoos, NCT 127‘s Taeyong now has more than a couple of them. Before, the idol only had two and has surprised fans by adding yet another.

His first tattoo was the word understand broken into two: half of it on the back of his left arm and the other on the back of his right.

His second was a cartoon version of his dog Ruby. After taking a break to take care of himself, Taeyong has come back with yet another tattoo to add to his collection.

During SuperM‘s reaction to their newest music video “100”, fans spotted something on his right elbow, above his first tattoo.

From a closer look at the small glimpse of the tattoo, it appears to be a star—specifically the North Star. With such a recognizable symbol, fans were quick to find out what it could mean.

According to some sources, the North Star acts as a compass to guide someone towards who they truly are.

For others, the North Star is a symbol of the strength it takes to preserve and keep moving forward.

As long as it holds meaning for Taeyong, that’s all that matters. If he chooses, maybe he’ll give everyone a bit of its significance in the future, as he did for his first tattoo. Until then, everyone will just have to keep guessing.