NCT 127’s Yuta Goes Viral For A Hilariously Unexpected “Y/N” Moment At Concert In Manila, Philippines

He put to rest any potential doubts about his athleticism 😂

NCT 127‘s Yuta has NCTzens laughing after a hilarious moment from the group’s recent concert in Manila, the Philippines, goes viral.

Yuta | @yuu_taa_1026/Instagram

NCT 127 wrapped up the wildly successful concert on September 4. It’s not an NCT 127 concert if it’s not hilariously chaotic, but this one proved to be particularly fun. In fact, many NCTzens who attended claim that it may just be the best concert in the group’s world tour so far!

Even days later, they’re still feeling the “after-concert fever.”

After all, this is the concert that saw Haechan go viral for his unreal visuals in fan-taken photos…

Haechan | @hhyuckee86/Twitter

…and Taeil for his hilarious mishap during the iconic “Love On The Floor” stage. Now, Yuta is going viral for the most unexpected fan interaction. Like in many other concerts, the members were given small balls to sign and throw into the audience. Some had slight difficulties throwing them…

…but Yuta made it clear that he had no trouble. In fact, he seems to have made it a little too clear! An NCTzen managed to capture the most hilarious POV of them being hit by what looked like a missile from Yuta. The NCTzen hilariously captioned the clip with thanks for this unexpected “Y/N” moment.

Fans tracked down other fancams and hilariously compared the footage…

…while others used it to hilariously “warn” fans not to go to NCT 127 concerts.

There has never been any doubt about Yuta’s athleticism in the past, but now that he’s gone viral for this, there certainly won’t be in the future!

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