Here’s Why NCT 127’s Jungwoo Suddenly Burst Into Tears on Live Broadcast

“I’m still lacking so much.” — Jungwoo

NCT 127 won #1 at Music Bank today for “Regular”, marking it their first ever win on this particular music show.


They popped onto V Live afterward so each member could individually say thank you to NCTzens, and Jungwoo got very emotional during his thank you speech.

“To me, it’s a huge, unforgettable award. You could say that I just joined, right?”

— Jungwoo


Jungwoo became overwhelmed by his emotions, and began to cry. He expressed that he still felt he was lacking and was apologetic about joining on late as an NCT 127 member.

“I’m still lacking a lot, but I’m so thankful to my members who helped me so much. While thinking that ‘this is now the beginning’ I will have strength and work hard. Thank you.”

— Jungwoo


The boys gave him a big round of applause, hopefully assuaging any concerns Jungwoo had about becoming a new member of NCT 127.