NCT’s Chenle Misses His NCT Dream Members And Fans Continue To Hope For A Comeback

“I really miss my son!” 🥺

NCT‘s Chenle is a DJ for the radio show Akdong Seoul on TBS eFM 101.3MHz and the guests on today’s episode were WayV.

WayV talked about how they miss WinWin and Lucas during their comeback promotions while the two are quarantining. Chenle related to them, saying that sometimes NCT Dream promotes with just five members.

Our Dream is seven members, but when we do [activity] with five members, there are a lot of times when we really miss Lee Haechan and Lee Mark. I really miss my son!

— Chenle

Excuse us for being in our feels. 🥺 We miss them too, Chenle!

During the show, NCTzens also noticed that Chenle was wearing a bucket hat, a common accessory for idols covering their new hairstyles pre-comeback. While he may be trying to cover it, it appeared that his hair is now blonde.

Recent activity from other members, such as Jaemin and Mark, has caused suspicion among the fan community. With Chenle’s new hair color added to the mix, fans speculate that there might be an upcoming NCT Dream comeback.

Yuedong Seoul airs from 9 pm to 10 pm KST. The show is live-streamed on the official TBS eFM 101.3MHz YouTube channel.

Source: TBS eFM 101.3MHz and 钟辰乐


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