NCT’s Doyoung Thanking Alleged Sasaeng Fansite Sparks Heated Debate

The debate was unexpected.

A seemingly innocent Instagram story by NCT‘s Doyoung sparked an unexpected debate among his fans.

NCT Doyoung

On April 23, Doyoung posted a link to a fancam of his with the caption, “Thank you for keeping your promise!!

The fansite that took the fancam, SHOT A LOVE, has been supporting Doyoung since his debut days. During a video call, the fansite promised the idol they’d take a legendary fancam of him singing the music he wanted to make.

NCT Doyoung 2
NCT Doyoung and the fansite’s promise | @shot_a_love/Twitter

Following Doyoung’s solo debut with his album YOUTH, the fansite finally fulfilled the promise. Doyoung never forgot the promise either and thanked the fansite for it. However, this seemingly heartwarming interaction ruffled a few feathers among the fans.


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Ah…I have mixed feelings…

– Fan

NCT Doyoung 3

Does Kim Doyoung know that’s a famous sasaeng fan? 💘?

– Fan

Soon, other Doyoung fans and general K-Pop fans also chimed in on the matter with different views.


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Realistically speaking…even if he knew they were a sasaeng, if their action didn’t cross the line, he’d probably disregard it most of the time (since having sasaengs could be beneficial, too.) Also, given Doyoung’s personality, it doesn’t seem like he would get aggressive with them?

– Netizen


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With the way you guys consider someone to be a sasaeng, everyone in the world would be one. If the idols are not turned off by the person, then that person is not a sasaeng. Is that so hard to understand? This is similar to the situation with the idols themselves not caring about how their Chinese names are written, but a bunch of people keep making a big deal out of it. Personally, I think those sasaeng fansite lists can’t be used as a reference at all.

– Netizen


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The fansite must’ve worked hard for your oppa to be so thankful for them. What have you done? You just sit at home in front of a monitor, accusing them of being a sasaeng. Your oppa doesn’t even know you. Why don’t you work hard to make your oppa aware of you? Jealousy makes you ugly….

– Netizen

What’s your take on the situation? Leave your comment on the posts below.

NCT's Doyoung Thanking Alleged Sasaeng Fansite Sparks Heated Debate

Posted by Koreaboo on Sunday 28 April 2024


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