NCT’s Doyoung Had The Cutest Argument On Instagram With His Older Brother, Actor Gong Myung, Over Clothes

“Say goodbye to your allowance.”

NCT‘s Doyoung had the cutest argument on Instagram with his older brother, the actor, Gong Myung. It all started when Doyoung posted an adorable OOTD on his Instagram.

| @do0_nct/Instagram
  • Gong Myung made sure to tell his brother how good he looked, but with a small twist.
  • Doyoung: “Doyoung going up and down”
  • Gong Myung: “How pretty and cool!! But isn’t all of that my clothing? kekekekeke”
  • Doyoung: “Whatever.”

Gong Myung soon retaliated. He posted a photograph of him in his parents’ house as well. This time, with a little twist.

| @0myoung_0526/Instagram
  • Gong Myung: “Long time no see. The hat is mine too.”
  • Doyoung: “Say goodbye to your allowance.”
  • Gong Myung: “I’m sorry.”

It seems like Doyoung had really decided to steal Gong Myung’s closet from head to toes, even the hat! Fans couldn’t help but giggle at the realistic interaction between the brothers.

The two are known for their very close relationship and good, upright personalities that run in the family. In fact, fans often joke that their mother should release a child-rearing book! We’d love to be a part of that family too, wouldn’t you?