NCT’s Doyoung And Fans Receive Warm Praise From Netizens After Generous Donations To Disaster Relief For Victims Of Forest Fires

“Like idol, like fans.”

Netizens have been praising NCT‘s Doyoung for leading by example when it comes to giving aid, as Doyoung’s generous personal contribution to relief efforts for victims of the forest fires in South Korea has inspired many fans to not only donate in his name, but also to start their own donation drives as well.

| @do0_nct/Instagram

The fires have burned an estimated 21,772 hectares of woodland as of the morning of March 8. Although no casualties were reported as of March 7, a reported 338 people (from 220 households) have been displaced, with around 570 homes and facilities being lost.

Doyoung is known as one of the kindest members of NCT, so it’s no surprise that he took the initiative to make a personal donation to help the victims of the forest fires. The Hope Bridge Disaster Relief Association, which aims to aid the victims who were displaced by the fires, reported that Doyoung made a donation of ₩30 million KRW (approximately $24,300) on March 8. Doyoung’s own statement said that he hoped that his contribution would go towards helping the victims return to their daily lives.

I decided to donate in the hopes that those who lost their livelihoods due to the forest fires can return to their daily lives as soon as possible. I would like to thank everyone who is doing their best to extinguish the wildfires, and I hope that this will be of some help to the affected residents.

— Doyoung

Yet, Doyoung did not donate alone. Netizens noticed that even before the Hope Bridge Disaster Relief Association announced the news of Doyoung’s donation, NCTzens had already been donating in his name. And when the news came out, it inspired even more fans to make their own contributions!

In fact, the hashtag #도영이의_선한영향력, which directly translates to ‘Doyoung’s good influence,’ is now full of ‘proof’ of NCTzens’ donations. This has led to praise for the kind mindset and willingness to help from both Doyoung and his fans, with netizens saying, “Like idol, like fans.”

One fan even remembered that Doyoung himself had previously commented that like-minded people tend to be drawn to each other, so it’s perhaps not so surprising that Doyoung’s fans would follow in his footsteps and contribute to a good cause.

It’s touching to see Doyoung step forward like this, with fans pointing out that even though SM Entertainment had already made a company donation of ₩500 million KRW (approximately $406,000), Doyoung still chose to make his own individual contribution.

Doyoung has always been a deeply considerate person, and therefore he never fails to make NCTzens proud. It’s even more touching now to see him inspire others in such a positive way!


Source: Naver, The Korea Times and Hope Bridge