NCT’s Doyoung And Jaemin Open Personal Instagrams – Here’s The Inspiration For Their Usernames

Doyoung’s username is such big brain energy.

NCT‘s Jaemin and Doyoung have finally joined the ranks of idols with their own personal Instagram! Previously their other members, Jaehyun, Johnny and Yuta as well as all of WayV, were the only ones to have their personal accounts in the group.

The boys personally let fans know of their accounts on 16 October 2020, through Dear.U Bubble on the Lysn app. Jaemin sent a screenshot of his account, along with a cute message.

Let’s communicate through my new social media account~

— Jaemin

| @jaemjenlerus/Twitter

His account username is pretty straightforward. It comes from his full name, Na Jaemin, along with his birthday, 13 August!

On the other hand, Doyoung’s may be a little harder to figure out. He sweetly shared the news on Dear. U Bubble as well, promising fans that he would upload many pretty photos.

His username, do0_nct, comes from the Korean word for zero, which can be read as “young”. Paired together with “do”, it forms a pun on his name! Coincidentally, his username matches that of his older brother’s, the actor Gongmyung. Zero can also be read as “gong” in Korean.

If they aren’t the cutest pair of brothers, we don’t know who is!

Fans are all are super excited to see the content that will be to come. Here’s a warm welcome to the boys!