NCT’s Doyoung Reveals For The First Time, In Detail, How He Entered SM Entertainment

It was fate that he ended up in SM Entertainment.

On February 1, 2021, NCT‘s Doyoung hosted a special live stream in commemoration of his birthday. Planned and directed by the star himself, he also took time to answer pre-selected fan questions.

| @KDYS0URCE/Twitter

One fan asked him how he ended up becoming a singer! Doyoung shared that as many would know, it is not easy to enter SM Entertainment. Although he was casted by a director after he sang in a competition, that was not the end of it. He received the name card from the director but did not receive any call for about a month.

Thinking that he really wanted to become a singer, he decided to put college plans on hold and focus on getting into an entertainment company to pursue his dreams. Doyoung filmed a demo video quickly and got ready to send the video out via email to various companies. However, just as he had attached the files and got the emails ready to go, he received a call from an unknown number.

| @do0_nct/Instagram

It turns out that an SM Entertainment staff was calling! Such fate! He went down the next day for an audition. But, the arduous journey had only begun. One audition is not enough for SM Entertainment. Doyoung shared that he had to go back a few times, every few weeks to sing again for the casting team. He even had to attend meals with the casting staff where they brought him and others to a rice cake shop for a quick chat over food.

But it was all meant to be as he eventually received the call that changed his life forever. He received the confirmation from the company and eventually entered the company as an official trainee. We can’t imagine if he had sent out the emails before SM Entertainment came calling!