NCT DREAM Become Triple Million Sellers And Fans Say Renjun Is Their Lucky Charm

“The universe loves Renjun so much!”

On July 7, NCT DREAM and NCTzens celebrated the group becoming triple million sellers, making them the youngest K-pop artists to achieve this milestone. Fans quickly noticed some amazing coincidences surrounding NCT DREAM’s achievement.

NCT DREAM posted this photo after receiving their first win for “Hello Future” on July 8. | @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter

NCTzens were emotional when they realized the now-fixed unit of 7 members beat this record on 7/7. But that’s not all!

Member Renjun celebrated his 7,777th day since birth on July 7, the same day the album sales were announced. He sent a message to fans through Bubble wishing that they “can all be lucky like the number 7.

Today, July 7th, is the 7,777th day since my birth!!!! I hope we can all be lucky like the number 7!

— Renjun

Renjun has said in the past that his favorite number was “lucky number 7,” and this definitely proves just how lucky that number is.

The coincidences don’t end there! NCT DREAM officially recorded 3.23 million sales, combining both Hot Sauce‘s 2.03 million and Hello Future‘s 1.19 million. 3/23 is also Renjun’s birthday!

He included his birthday in his Instagram username, which he created just a couple weeks ago. The number 323 was already significant for Renjun and the fans, and now marks a huge accomplishment in NCT‘s history.

Fans have concluded that Renjun must be a lucky charm for the group, and see many more bright things in their future!