NCT DREAM Had The Best-Selling Album Of 2021 For Months, But NCTzens Found Out Through An Olivia Rodrigo Account

What an unexpected way to find out!

NCT DREAM‘s first full-length album, Hot Sauce, as well as its repackage, Hello Future, marked some incredible milestones for the group and achieved many honors. One of these honors included being the best-selling album of 2021 so far, according to the United World Chart (UWC)!

Renjun, Jaemin, Haechan, Jeno, Chenle, Jisung, and Mark. | @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter

UWC reported that Hot Sauce shot straight to the top of the charts with over 1.02 million sales soon after its May 10, 2021, release.

From there, it appeared multiple times in their list of the top-selling albums of the week. Furthermore, its total sales of around 3 million copies made it the top-selling album of the year thus far.

| @UWChart/Twitter

Though NCTzens were aware of Hot Sauce‘s massive commercial success, many were shocked to hear that NCT DREAM held this title for weeks until this week when Olivia Rodrigo surpassed them in yearly sales.

An Olivia Rodrigo charts account tweeted out that her debut album, Sour, had amassed over 3.05 million sales according to UWC, overtaking Hot Sauce for the highest number of sales.

NCTzens were rather surprised by the news and some turned their attention towards SM Entertainment for not making this information more well known.

Some fan accounts for NCT had tweeted out their accomplishment earlier this year, but perhaps among all of NCT DREAM’s many achievements this year, this one went less noticed.

Furthermore, SM Entertainment did tweet about Hot Sauce being on top of the UWC earlier this year. However, the tweet did not explicitly mention it being the best-selling album.

Regardless, congratulations to NCT DREAM for holding the title for so long, and to Olivia Rodrigo on her achievement! Read more about Hot Sauce and Hello Future‘s success below.

NCT DREAM Becomes Youngest Group To Reach Million-Seller Status With “Hot Sauce”

Source: Twitter and UWC