NCT’s Chenle Gives His Nephew An Unexpected Gift For Lunar New Year

He’s an uncle with a sense of humor.

NCT DREAM‘s Chenle adores his nephew so much that he couldn’t go without spending the Lunar New Year with him.

NCT DREAM’s Chenle and his nephew. | @kh1000le/Instagram

Even though Chenle is the K-Pop idol, he took a back seat to learn a dance routine from his nephew.

The clip of Chenle’s dance lesson wasn’t the only way the two celebrated the new year.

Chenle’s sister-in-law shared another heartwarming moment between them. Because Chenle’s nephew showered him with kisses, he rewarded him with a gift.

As he received the money from Chenle, he was surprised at the amount his uncle gave him. There was a particular reason for his amusing reaction.

Fans pointed out that Chenle gave his nephew $280 USD last year—even though his nephew wouldn’t listen to him sing. So Chenle decreased the amount to less than $20 USD this year, earning that funny reaction from his nephew. His nephew was still satisfied with the gift and went shopping.

See Chenle as the caring uncle who adores his nephew.


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