NCT DREAM’s Chenle Trends For Chic New Hair Color

He spiced up his hair color with a cool twist.

NCT DREAM‘s Chenle has won over fans with his dark hair color that perfectly complements his stylish vibe but recently decided to switch it up just a bit.

Chenle | @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter

Even though the dark hair color is chic, Chenle appeared with a burst of color that was just as stylish and quickly became a trending topic.

| 威神V_钱锟_KUN/Weibo

During an online fan signing for NCT 2021, Chenle surprised everyone with bright pink streaks that left NCTzens impressed.

In fact, the hair color reminded some fans of Draculaura from the Monster High franchise, who also wears bright pink streaks in her dark hair.

Jokes aside, Chenle’s new hair color was a hit among fans. The bright color still showed off how confident and cool he is.

| @lele_____o_o/Twitter

The color didn’t take away from how cute and youthful Chenle is either. His charms will always shine through.

| @lele_____o_o/Twitter

Are you loving the simple twist that made a major change?