NCT DREAM Lost It When Chenle’s Prank On Haechan Completely Backfired

He forgot one major flaw in his plan.

During NCT DREAM‘s live broadcast to celebrate their comeback with “Candy”, Chenle made them laugh when his prank on Haechan hilariously backfired.

Chenle | @kh1000le/Instagram

As Haechan prepared to kick off their “Yo Dream!” chant, Chenle silently told the other members not to do it.

Through it all, Haechan kept a “sulky” face because he knew exactly what was happening. Chenle soon realized the major flaw in his prank.

Jisung and Renjun pointed at the live monitor while a member admitted, “We could see everything, Chenle.” They burst into laughter as Chenle realized he could be seen.

Mark even imitated how excitedly Chenle tried to get them to join his prank.

In the end, Haechan pulled off their “Yo Dream!” chant successfully. Chenle was even the one who hugged Haechan as he celebrated the moment.