NCT Dream Fans Send Protest Trucks To Ask For Transparency In The Scores For Seoul Music Awards

They also ask for fair treatment.

In the aftermath of the 2021 Seoul Music Awards, some fans have not been satisfied with the results. Having had a stellar year of achievements, NCT Dream walked away with the Best Album award for the year. Fans were not pleased as they were convinced that the band deserved more than just that.

According to calculations for releases in 2021, NCT Dream had surpassed even IU and NCT 127 with “Hot Sauce”. Fans were puzzled as to why NCT Dream was not given the Bonsang award at the show. In order to be nominated for the Daesang, the grand prize of all, an artist needs to be nominated for the Bonsang first.

As such, a group of fans teamed up to send support trucks to SM Entertainment. Their goal is the reveal the results of the scores for Seoul Music Awards, as well as to demand for better treatment of the artist.


Truck Banner Content

Please reveal the scores for SMA’s Bonsang and Daesang!

Treat NCT Dream fairly!

We will always support NCT Dream!

– FROM NCT Dreamzens CN



The trucks have been circling the SM Entertainment building in Seongsu, and will continue to do so from January 26 to 28, 2022.


Mistreatment and unfair treatment has always been a sore spot for NCT Dream fans. Fans believe that the group deserves more than what they have been given based on their stellar results.


While some fans are supportive of this measure…

…others have been calling it out as a blip to NCT Dream’s name.

What do you think?