NCT DREAM’s Haechan And Renjun Are Brought To Tears During Their Comeback Performance

Their new song gave the word “graduation” a whole new meaning!

NCT DREAM recently made their comeback with “Candy,”  a remake of the H.O.T song released in 1996. Fans have loved seeing the group dressed up in styles reminiscent of H.O.T’s original stage costumes.

NCT DREAM | SM Entertainment
| SM Entertainment

Since the song’s release, the group have seen a great deal of success, achieving high rankings on various music charts.

The group are also promoting the song on weekly music shows and had their first official comeback performance during the 2022 KBS Song Festival.  

NCT DREAM also appeared on MBC’s Music Core as well where Haechan and Renjun were brought to tears while performing their B-Side track “Graduation.”

NCT DREAM’s Renjun (left) and Haechan (right). | @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter

When NCT DREAM debuted, it was announced the group operated on a “graduation system,” meaning when a member became an adult, they would leave the subunit. This concept caused a lot of heartbreak for the group and their fans, with members crying on stage during concerts over the thought of being separated.

Not long after fans began their movement to abolish the system, NCT DREAM were announced to be a fixed unit, and Mark was added back to the line-up.

During content released to promote their comeback, NCT DREAM discussed how the word graduation had a negative context, but the release of “Graduation” would create a new meaning for the word.

During the performance on Music Core, as the group sang the heartfelt song, Renjun could be seen tearing up and attempting to cover up the fact that he began crying.

Fans also noticed that Haechan also shed tears and used a moment of the choreography to hide his face.

They both managed to complete the stage, and fans praised the group for their performance.

We love seeing NCT DREAM together!


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